dj-set : with tobi at the cocktailhouse

after a long break there’s a little highlight now for you: the youngest recording is online! this time it’s a pure vinyl set i played last saturday with my buddy tobi at the cocktailhouse. i can only say: thank you, tobi!

so without further ado here’s the link to the set:

personal note/em> if only it could go this well everytime!

gig: 31.10. @ old feinkost electronica

wikipedia knows:

Dancing ban
[…] The German and Swiss dancing bans prohibit public parties, but not dancing in one’s private residence.

and that’s exactly why we stay entre nous at all saint’s day and dance in private – under the rare blessing of the authorities – until our legs get wobbly.

but there’s more:

All Saints’ Day
[…] In the Catholic Church and many Anglican churches, the next day specifically commemorates the departed faithful who have not yet been purified and reached heaven.

so per pefinitionen that includes our own “faithful of the dance”, so i’d say we have to contribute our share to bavarian culture and swing our hips in a decent manner to bless our holy ones!

so for this holy cause we meet on the 31st of october in the former Feinkost electronica – now Lebenslust – in order to commemorate our dancing saints amidst the rumbling of the timpani of thunder and the melodies of the gorgeous chimes of heaven… or so.

as a little teaser – so to say as your rosary until the friday in question – you’ll sit and nicely listen to a set each day, so you won’t unlearn dancing:

personal note: after the last afterhour i can’t wait to re-enter the holy sites! and a big thank you! goes out to our ward gusto the great!

gig: 25.10. @ cocktailhouse

tadaaaa: the october edition of my beloved sessions at the cocktailhouse is here! it’s going to happen at the 25. of october starting at 2100, as usual.

this time a very special guest will be with me: my dear friend fabi aka versteuermann!

and to get you in the mood, here’s one of my favourite recordings from the cocktailhouse:

personal note probably it’ll be one of those nice little freak-out evenings if you consider the lineup, so bring an extra pair of pants.

gig: bachblyten-festival 2014

finally, after months, i’ve got the next gig announcement coming up, and this one is gonna be very exciting for me!
i was invited to play at the bachblyten festival this summer and i’m really looking forward to it… the best part is that my beloved glücks family have their own floor there, so it’s guaranteed that there’s gonna be a huge bunch of the loveliest people i know!

so if you’re looking for a nice summer weekend with great party on four floors amidst the best weirdos you can find, follow me there!
i also promise that as soon as i know my exact playtime, i’ll let you know!
and to shorten the few days left until the party kicks off, the bachblyten crew was so nice as to put one of my sets on their soundcloud channel, which i’d love to share with you:

personal note in case anyone wants to come with me from munich to the bachblyten festival, just drop me a line on facebook or via email. i’d be happy to take you with me 😉

dj set: cocktailhouse 11/2013

and here it is: the november edition of my (almost, well…) monthly recordings from the cocktailhouse in munich!
i used vinyl along with an (unfortunately very reduced) digital setup to play this one.

feel free to drop me some comments, in case you want the set for download, just drop me a line on facebook!

personal note
hang in there for a great announcement, as i know there’s another great gig coming up this november! stay tuned!

gig: julius blank @ cocktailhouse 11/2013

although i might not be known as a traditionalist (whatever this is these days) i’ve got a hang for repetitive things. the closest proof would be the sound i play, another one is coming up this saturday: i’ll play at the beloved cocktailhouse once more.

so join me in my struggle against monotonous, non-repetitive spare time this saturday (02.11.2013) starting at 21:00!

as a little teaser here’s my latest recording from the cocktailhouse:

personal note
believe it or not, again i’m hoping for phil to grant me my wish of playing together with julius zimmer. if it works: be prepared 🙂

discussion: ios7

oh and i can tell you what i dont like about ios7:
home screen. fling down and hold. find a keyboard. move finger up slowly. move it down again. slowly. repeat until bored.

and that’s what i don’t like. see, the keyboard ‘pops’ in. it’s not apple. it doesn’t stop when you do.

it’s out of control

personal note
it doesn’t actually bother me the way it is.
i’m just not used to it

Viva Mallorca

What a weekend!

I’m not exaggerating wen I say that this open air in Mallorca was the greatest spot I ever played at (images below)!
Imagine the Mallorcinian countryside around an old unobtrusive bunker, along with a phantastic view over the mediterrenean sea (sunset!) from up high in the booth and a crowd that couldn’t get enough until we had to shut down at 6 am (afterwards: beach, then afterhour – thanks, Victor).

From a technical standpoint I definitely learned something: vinylos y openair = loco. What I mean is: don’t bring your precious vinyls to an openair close to the seaside, as you will end up spending your next day with a can of pressurized air cleaning them. Finally I found an excuse to leave the heavy things at home 😉
Next time I’ll bring my MacBook, my controller and a toothbrush!

After all last weekend I witnessed an incredible party and found a lot of lovely new friends, which is – by my definition – the best thing there is for a party weekend!

Stay tuned for a followup afterhour set which I’ll contribute here as a little “thank you all so very much”!