one of my facets and intense passions is music. this page is a starting point to dive into the many views on music and related arts i created over the years. i will try to give a graspable impression of what inspires and sparks me…

as of this writing i perform as a dj with two individual personae, each one standing for a distinct style and musical direction.

julius blank is not only my real name but also the persona i’ve been playing as since about 2006. the style here is mainly based on tech-house and its variations, ranging to occasional excursions to house on the one side and minimal on the other side. expect colorful and driving sounds…

der herr blank is a far more recent alter ego i created to give some room to my more monotonous, down at the techno side likings.
as it is not too easy to step into this acoustic area in Munich that often, i’d also see this alter ego of mine as a statement towards more techno around my hometown.

alongside my one man appearances i foster a few collaborations with other djs. the main one is the dj duo felix & weiß, made up of my good pal felix ferior and me.

for a list of djs and producers i work with you can check out my friends page.

Julius Blank

Julius Blank

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