gig: 25.10. @ cocktailhouse

tadaaaa: the october edition of my beloved sessions at the cocktailhouse is here! it’s going to happen at the 25. of october starting at 2100, as usual.

this time a very special guest will be with me: my dear friend fabi aka versteuermann!

and to get you in the mood, here’s one of my favourite recordings from the cocktailhouse:

personal note probably it’ll be one of those nice little freak-out evenings if you consider the lineup, so bring an extra pair of pants.

gig: 30.08. @ tante erna

since this august is apparently the month of the winter jacket, we can just as well start going inside for partying until the openair season starts over in december, like last year…

so let’s dance inside at the tante erna, where my friends from cinta magnética will get it on this saturday (30.08.2014)!

as a little teaser here’s my latest recording from the bachblyten-festival:

gig : julius blank @ cocktailhouse 03/2014

after a busy period which forced me to pause my postings here for a little while i now return with one of my favourite announcements: this saturday we’ll hit the cocktailhouse once more.

so join me this saturday (08.03.2014), starting at 21:00 for some good ol’ drinks and good ol’ (well and new, i guess) tunes!

as a little teaser – as usual – here’s one of my favourite recordings, this time made at home using vinyl:

personal note
i finally got my new setup ready: a travel-friendly setup consisting of my macbook and two allen&heath xone:k2 with a very nice mapping i’m about to finish. expect more details on this to come soon…

gig : julius blank @ cocktailhouse 12/2013

merry christmas to everyone!

for this year’s quiet time i’ve got a nice little special coming up tonight: me and my friend felix ferior will be having our own little christmas gig / party at the cocktailhouse.

so join us for a nice jesus’ birthday event tonight (25.12.2013) starting at 21:00!

as a little teaser here’s my latest recording from the cocktailhouse:

personal note
i’m really looking forward to celebrating christmas with my friends at the cocktailhouse and i’d much appreciate it to see some of you over there for a few good holiday drinks!

what a GLÜCK!

we made it! we finally got another GLÜCK-show on the road, and after some struggle in the beginning (what with the date and all) it looks like everything’s in place now for a great party on last saturday in november!

we’ll start at 22:00 on the 30th of november in the former feinkost electronica (for those who know…) and keep it going until they’re all gone!
we’re very happy to go back to the feinkost / aka lebenslust, i’m sure those of you who attended our party there in may will know why!

and as the whole GLÜCKs-story started in hamburg i think it’s about time to express my gratefulness by a really well-suited teaser:

personal note
if you want to contribute to this party and help make it a big success, just spread the word and invite some friends

any other help is also greatly appreciated, just get in touch with us via facebook or mail.

what a GLÜCK that is!

what a GLÜCK that is!

...and pretty from behind, too.

gig: julius blank @ cocktailhouse

on short notice: tonight i’ll be playing at the cocktailhouse, so everyone who’s up for a nice warming drink and who wants to escape rain and oktoberfest is invited to join me statrting at 21:00 o’clock

come over to the cocktailhouse today (05.10.2013) starting at 21:00 for a good round of sounds and drinks!

and as a little appetizer here’s my latest recording from the cocktailhouse:

personal note
i’m still hoping to do a 100bpm set with julius zimmer tonigth, so let’s hope he’ll get the opportunity to replace his shaker with his controller 😉

gig: julius blank @ cocktailhouse with special guest jan thelen

this weekend we’ll see a premiere: julius blank & jan thelen on the decks! the framing’s well known, the content is new 🙂

join us at the cocktailhouse on the 07.09.2013 starting at 21:00 for a good round of vinyls and drinks!

personal note
i’m really looking forward to playing with jan, as i suspect his collection to be quite a good one!


gig: julius blank @ cocktailhouse with special guest matthias kick

months have passed since i last came to see matthias, not to mention play a gig with him!
our first gig was back in the days at the beloved kreuz16 (r.i.p.).

but an old flame never dies, so the best thing we could think of for finally meeting each other again was – of course: play a gig! and as it was matthias’ birthday three days ago, we got one more great thing to celebrate! in other words: don’t miss this one!

join us at the cocktailhouse on the 30.08.2013 starting at 21:00 for good vibes, tasty drinks and – of course – all the four-to-the-floor you like!

personal note
check out matthias’ stuff on soundcloud, this guy’s got some prime stuff in there!

gig: grenzfrequenz @ storchenburg

the weather forecast for tomorrow predicts a beautiful and sunny day with around 24° celsius, which i’d say is the perfect setting for a great day at the storchenburg to celebrate our dear friend gustavos birthday!
The guys of grenzfrequenz have setup a lovely open air starting at 15:00 in the afternoon, which is also the beginning of my playtime there.
the entry fee will be a moderate 5 Euros before 18:00 o’clock, so be there in time!

i’ll be using my favourite traktor setup tomorrow, consisting of my allen&heath x:one k2 for controls and my allen&heath x:one 2d as a soundcard with additional controls.
i probably won’t make it in time to integrate my ipad in the setup again, as i didn’t find enough time to complete the basic mapping so far… someday 😉

here’s the link to the event on facebook: grenzFrequenz pres. roberto calzetta & twin soul @ storchenburg & guschtl`s birthday

Here we go…

So this is it, departure approaches! In about an hour we’ll be taking off towards Palma de Mallorca. I’ll be seeing one of my best friends who I first met 26(!) years ago for celebrating his birthday under the great – and probably hot – mallorcinian sun.

I’ll be playing two sets there, one sundowner, one techno, both on vinyl, I suppose. And for the afterhour there’s the kinda almighty X:one K2 along with Traktor.

I’m also gonna try to integrate the incredible iOS app Lemur. As soon as I’be got some news on how it went, I’ll put it here!

So until then have a good time,

Best wishes from the crew Julius, Devi, Dušan, Fabi and Fuchs