gig: grenzfrequenz @ storchenburg

the weather forecast for tomorrow predicts a beautiful and sunny day with around 24° celsius, which i’d say is the perfect setting for a great day at the storchenburg to celebrate our dear friend gustavos birthday!
The guys of grenzfrequenz have setup a lovely open air starting at 15:00 in the afternoon, which is also the beginning of my playtime there.
the entry fee will be a moderate 5 Euros before 18:00 o’clock, so be there in time!

i’ll be using my favourite traktor setup tomorrow, consisting of my allen&heath x:one k2 for controls and my allen&heath x:one 2d as a soundcard with additional controls.
i probably won’t make it in time to integrate my ipad in the setup again, as i didn’t find enough time to complete the basic mapping so far… someday 😉

here’s the link to the event on facebook: grenzFrequenz pres. roberto calzetta & twin soul @ storchenburg & guschtl`s birthday

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