gig: julius blank @ cocktailhouse with special guest matthias kick

months have passed since i last came to see matthias, not to mention play a gig with him!
our first gig was back in the days at the beloved kreuz16 (r.i.p.).

but an old flame never dies, so the best thing we could think of for finally meeting each other again was – of course: play a gig! and as it was matthias’ birthday three days ago, we got one more great thing to celebrate! in other words: don’t miss this one!

join us at the cocktailhouse on the 30.08.2013 starting at 21:00 for good vibes, tasty drinks and – of course – all the four-to-the-floor you like!

personal note
check out matthias’ stuff on soundcloud, this guy’s got some prime stuff in there!

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