what a GLÜCK!

we made it! we finally got another GLÜCK-show on the road, and after some struggle in the beginning (what with the date and all) it looks like everything’s in place now for a great party on last saturday in november!

we’ll start at 22:00 on the 30th of november in the former feinkost electronica (for those who know…) and keep it going until they’re all gone!
we’re very happy to go back to the feinkost / aka lebenslust, i’m sure those of you who attended our party there in may will know why!

and as the whole GLÜCKs-story started in hamburg i think it’s about time to express my gratefulness by a really well-suited teaser:

personal note
if you want to contribute to this party and help make it a big success, just spread the word and invite some friends

any other help is also greatly appreciated, just get in touch with us via facebook or mail.

what a GLÜCK that is!

what a GLÜCK that is!

...and pretty from behind, too.

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