gig: 31.10. @ old feinkost electronica

wikipedia knows:

Dancing ban
[…] The German and Swiss dancing bans prohibit public parties, but not dancing in one’s private residence.

and that’s exactly why we stay entre nous at all saint’s day and dance in private – under the rare blessing of the authorities – until our legs get wobbly.

but there’s more:

All Saints’ Day
[…] In the Catholic Church and many Anglican churches, the next day specifically commemorates the departed faithful who have not yet been purified and reached heaven.

so per pefinitionen that includes our own “faithful of the dance”, so i’d say we have to contribute our share to bavarian culture and swing our hips in a decent manner to bless our holy ones!

so for this holy cause we meet on the 31st of october in the former Feinkost electronica – now Lebenslust – in order to commemorate our dancing saints amidst the rumbling of the timpani of thunder and the melodies of the gorgeous chimes of heaven… or so.

as a little teaser – so to say as your rosary until the friday in question – you’ll sit and nicely listen to a set each day, so you won’t unlearn dancing:

personal note: after the last afterhour i can’t wait to re-enter the holy sites! and a big thank you! goes out to our ward gusto the great!

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