dj set: bachblyten 2014

it was almost like i was dreaming… in the middle of nowhere i met a bunch of my dearest friends on a field next to a tiny airport, planes were taking off while everyone was building tents, bars, soundsystems and brilliant lightshows to setup the best floor there is.
and the result was tremendous!

this is why GLÜCK is not only an expression for a feeling, but an entire spirit and an attitude to life for me!
i admit it was tough to play a set on sunday morning – especially together with my “no, i don’t wanna sleep before, it’s a waste of time” attitude – but every second of it felt like i was where i belonged. thank you spocht for the great back 2 back sesstion, let’s do that again…

and to give something back and also for those who couldn’t attend, here’s the first two hours of the set i played on sunday from 6 am to 8 am. enjoy.

personal note there’s so many people to thank in person, but i won’t list them here. i simply trust we’ll meet again soon. big love to you all!

back on stage – with a big “thank you”

sometimes certain events occur that keep you from doing what you love and you don’t even notice how long you’ve been “gone” once you return…
those who know me will know what i’m talking about.
the main point here is something different nonetheless: i’m back! after several months with very few gigs and appearances it’s time to move forward again.

and to underline the fact of ongoing change i’ll give you a set that marks yet another turning point on my path to my musical self.
it’s another facet that revealed itself to me during the last few weeks while i spent a lot of time listening to a lot of weirder, more fluent and less strictly shaped music.
its starting vector was bonobo, who’ll be on the munich tollwood tonight. based on his great tune “kota” i put some of my favourite artists in there: four tet, baths, sigur ros, massive attack, to name a few.
i guess to get most out of the set, you grab some of your best friends and find a spot high up on the roof, relax and wait for the sunset…

personal note
although this is by far not the easiest time of my life, i’m confident and also a little proud that i got that far without going nuts… thanks to all the friends who supported me and to everyone who gave me respect, trust and love!

DJ set: Cocktailhouse 08/2013

To be honest: I’m kinda happy, that I couldn’t bring my vinyls to this session (too much sand on open airs close to the mediterranean sea – how do others do that?), as it got me a good opportunity to finally perform a pure Traktor set again. I probably had a strange start as a DJ for I started as a pure laptop DJ and added vinyls quite a bit later on. Still I can’t help it, controllers feel nice and natural to me 🙂

The set was recorded with my good friend Felix Ferior who performs with me in the DJ duo Feilx & Weiß.

My hardware consisted of my MacBook Pro, the lovely Allen&Heath X:one K2 and a Allen&Heath X:one 2D which served as a soundcard so we could use the more natural feel of the mixer instead of mixing in software. Also in this way we could use three decks in Traktor.

So, here it is:

DJ set: Cocktailhouse 05/2013

Howdy! With a little delay I finally uploaded the latest addition to my series of recorded sets from the Cocktailhouse in Munich.
This set is – for my definitions – quite on the house side of music.
So sit back, relax (or work, in case that’s not the same for you) and enjoy the rain-ignoring powers of this sunny stream of music!

Little hint: You can get the next round of solid house music on May 18th in Ingolstadt: gigs & events.