gig: bachblyten-festival 2014

finally, after months, i’ve got the next gig announcement coming up, and this one is gonna be very exciting for me!
i was invited to play at the bachblyten festival this summer and i’m really looking forward to it… the best part is that my beloved glücks family have their own floor there, so it’s guaranteed that there’s gonna be a huge bunch of the loveliest people i know!

so if you’re looking for a nice summer weekend with great party on four floors amidst the best weirdos you can find, follow me there!
i also promise that as soon as i know my exact playtime, i’ll let you know!
and to shorten the few days left until the party kicks off, the bachblyten crew was so nice as to put one of my sets on their soundcloud channel, which i’d love to share with you:

personal note in case anyone wants to come with me from munich to the bachblyten festival, just drop me a line on facebook or via email. i’d be happy to take you with me 😉

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